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Knowledge & Inquiry

Knowledge and Inquiry is a multidisciplinary ‘A’ Level H2 subject which focuses on the nature and construction of knowledge in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Aesthetics. Knowledge and Inquiry emphasises the spirit of inquiry, and students are encouraged to ask questions about themselves, their society and the world around them, and explore the different possible answers to these questions.


The CJC English Department aims to develop in students: 
  • The ability to understand the nature of knowledge and the different modes of inquiry in various fields
  • The ability to critically analyse and evaluate issues from different perspectives
  • The ability to be able to define their own learning and think independently
  • The ability to articulate and defend effectively their ideas and arguments
  • The habit of reading widely from the different disciplines and engage in independent research


H2 Knowledge and Inquiry Framework (8759)
1.1 Why ask questions?
1.2 What is knowledge?
1.3 How is knowledge constructed?
1.4 What makes knowledge valid?
1.5 How is knowledge affected by society?
1.6 How should knowledge be used?


Paper I: Essay (30%)
  • Section A: Select 1 out of 2 Essay Questions (30 marks)
  • Section B: Select 1 out of 4 Essay Questions (30 marks)
  • Duration: 3 hr

Paper II: Critical Thinking (30%)
  • Section A: 1 Compulsory Question based on an Unseen Passage (30 marks)
  • Section B: Select 2 out of 3 Questions (30 marks)
  • Duration: 2 hr

Paper III: Independent Study (40%)
  • Candidates choose a topic related to the nature and construction of knowledge (80 marks)
  • Duration: 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Knowledge and Inquiry (KI) offered in lieu of General Paper? 
Yes. It is offered as the 4th H2 subject, and is considered as a contrasting subject for both the Sciences and Arts.

For admission to NUS and NTU, half of the KI grade points will be counted towards GP and the other half can be counted as a H1 content-based grade

2. Are there pre-requisites to read Knowledge and Inquiry (KI)?
Students wishing to offer KI as the 4th H2 subject must possess a good command of the English Language. At CJC, students interested to read Knowledge and Inquiry must sit for a selection test. 

More details will be given during the Knowledge and Inquiry briefing at 2.00 PM at LT 1 on 1 Feb 2019.

Complete the application form and bring the hardcopy and your O-level certificate to the selection test on 7 Feb 2019, 2.00 PM