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Co-Curricular Activities play a key role in the holistic development of a student. They can fuel in the individual a life-long love for a particular activity; develop robustness, fair play and team spirit; a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society; and inculcate self-reliance, resilience, discipline and a spirit of service to other.

In CJC, all students are encouraged and expected to be involved in CCAs. CCAs offer an excellent opportunity for all students to be immersed in an area of interest based on their motivation and strength. CCAs are part of the students’ Co-Curricular Programme and their experience in the two years of college education will be reflected to a large extent in their LEAPS certificate. This certificate encapsulates all Leadership, Enrichment, Achievement and Service opportunities that the students are involved in.

In their CCAs, students will have the opportunity to develop their Leadership abilities in formal positions. Their experience is supported by school-wide leadership training at certain milestones in the year such as CJC’s Leadership Dialogue, Leadership Training Camp and Leadership Conference.

Most CCAs have professional coaches and instructors. Teachers offer the main character building support and ensure that the students are always safe and have the best possible experience.


Visual & Performing Arts
Clubs & Societies
Physical Sports
Concert Band
English Drama
Guitar Ensemble
Guzheng Ensemble
Modern Dance
Editorial Club
STE2M Club
First Aid Club
Film, Sound & Video Club
Genesis (only as 2nd CCA)
Interact Club
Nexus Investment & Entrepreneurship Society
Oratorical Society
Strategy Games Club
Student Council
Cross Country
Track and Field

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Will I be given my 1st choice CCA?

In CJC, the college will organise a “CCA Bazaar” in Term 1 for students to have a better sense of the range of CCAs offered. Some CCAs will organise auditions for students to demonstrate and showcase their skills and talents. Thereafter, students will be given the opportunity to submit 4 choices for their CCAs. The College will aim to allocate every student one of their 4 CCA choices; with a large number of students offered one of their top 2 or 3 choices.

Q2) Can I have two CCAs?

We encourage students to focus on one CCA given the busy schedule of the JC curriculum. However, there are some students in CJC who opt to participate in another CCA, namely Genesis, given their keen interest in these activities. This 2nd CCA is less intensive with only 1 CCA practice per week and their activity is recreational in nature. Students must maintain their good academic performance in order to continue with two CCAs throughout their JC course.

Q3) Can I be in CCA that is not offered in the school, i.e. an external CCA?

All CJCians are strongly encouraged to have one school-based CCA. CCA is an important platform to learn important life-skills, build positive relationships and build a sense of community and belonging in the college.

An exception is made for students who participate at the National level in a CCA not offered by the school.  For such students, their primary CCA would be external but they would normally opt for one of the 2nd CCAs offered by the school in order to participate in the school’s CCA system and benefit from its character and leadership development programme.

Q4) Is CCA compulsory?

Every CJCian is expected to have one CCA in CJC as CCAs are an important platform for character and leadership development. CCAs are also a key aspect of the holistic education programme in CJC.

Q5) Is there a minimum attendance rate for CCA?

CJCians are strongly encouraged to maintain regular attendance in their CCAs. Regular attendance will enable the student to benefit from the CCA's skills training, character and leadership development programme. A minimum attendance rate of 75% in the year is expected. If students are not able to attend CCA practices, a valid reason such as a medical certificate must be produced to the CCA teacher-in-charge.