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House Captains

Albert House Captain

Maria Josephine Orell (1T03)
Coming to Catholic Junior College, I somehow knew that it would be more than just walking into a building. The year seems to have gone by so quickly due to the pandemic, but I have already formed a second family. If there is one thing I have learnt from the first week of Orientation which stayed with me to this day is that the CJ community is here to support you. It is those valuable moments such as your teachers staying back to conduct extra lessons for you, or the conversations you share with your friends during meal breaks that continues to strengthen our community. As we brave through the deadlines, it's comforting to know that there is a support system for us whenever and wherever.

Albert House Executive Committee 2020/21
Standing (L-R): Ho Ee Han, Nigel (1T11), Clive Christopher Braberry (1T11)
Seated (L-R): Maria Josephine Orell (1T03), Nur Sarahfina Binte Kamarudin (1T04)

Joseph House Captain

Hannah Chiang Siew Hwa (1T23)
Dear CJC, I am Hannah Chiang and I am the House Captain of Joseph House 2020-2021. First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to my House Masters, Mr Fairuz Selamat and Mr Chew Yin Xiang, along with my Joseph House Sports Leaders for always being patient with me. To me, Joseph House is more than a house. It’s a family. Through cultivating strong camaraderie and house spirit, I hope that we will share many great memories together to look back on long after we have graduated from CJ. This is my vision for Joseph House – built on a foundation of camaraderie and amity. Despite any adversities any of you may face, be it examinations or other personal issues, I urge all of you to look past the tiredness, fear and disappointment you may feel and continue to press on and never give up on yourself. Doing your best is so much more important than being the best. I hope that we will be able to support one another all the way as we navigate our way through the next two years. As members of Joseph House, united in everything that we do, let us give our best, do our best, and excel together.

Joseph House Executive Committee 2020/21
Front Row (L-R): Jonathan Wui (1T14), Hannah Chiang (1T23)
Back Row (L-R): Shannie Chew Bi Lin (1T14), Bartake Ruhee (1T19)

Michael House Captain

Patwardhan Dhurva Ramon Jitendra (1T10)
2020 has been an interesting year. In the future, people would look back at this year and remember it as a ‘Historical Event’, with a pandemic which none of us could foresee, shaking up the way we live in proportions never seen before. As we enter the new normal, what defines us is how we cope with change. We are the first cohort of students to experience full home-based learning (HBL) and to adapt to safe management measures at a time when we should ideally be interacting with our friends and family. We have overcome many obstacles having spent significant time in isolation from our friends, family and community during the Circuit Breaker. With the support of our teachers, friends and family, we have continued our endeavour to learn and enjoy and therein lies our victory. It is my hope that we will be remembered as the generation that persevered for the greater good.

Michael House Executive Committee 2020/21
Front Row (L-R): Isabelle Lim (1T12), Patwardhan Dhruva Ramon Jitendra (1T10)
Back Row (L-R): Yen Su Fei Megan (1T26), Razi Ahmad Juliansyah Ihsan (1T09)

Patrick House Captain

Fang Heidi-Eeshin (1T07)
I would first like to express my deep gratitude at having the chance to be the Captain of Patrick House. It is truly an honour to know that members of Patrick House have placed their trust in me. Patrick House's motto 'United We Soar' is something that I identify strongly with. I hope that our House is filled with students of various talents and stand together in unity and harmony, working together to support and strengthen one another as we embark on our CJ journey. While the ultimate goal is to attain the title of House Champion, I am a firm believer that the journey matters far more than the destination. That is why I hope for everyone in Patrick House to forge strong friendships and a strong rapport with their peers. Despite the restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, everyone has demonstrated adaptability, willingness to cooperate as well as tremendous enthusiasm. Patrick House will continue to soar to greater heights together.

Patrick House Executive Committee 2020/21
(L-R): Chan Wai-Eng Ailsa (1T05), Priyanka (1T31), Ashley Lauren Yaokasin Ong (1T22), Fang Heidi-Eeshin (1T07)