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Character and Citizenship Education

Every CJCian who graduates from the halls of the college is a Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart. At CJC, we believe in the pursuit of both academic and personal excellence. You are unique and special, with different interests, talents and passions. Our student development programmes give you opportunities to discover your strengths and passions.

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Every CJCian a Leader

With leadership development as its primary focus, our Student Development programme provides you with leadership opportunities and training at various levels and in different capacities.

It is the vision of the Student Development department that all CJCians strive to develop themselves across all levels: beginning with the essential discovery of self, awareness of the needs of others and finally being of service to the nation and beyond.

Leading with integrity, in service to others

Leadership without purpose is meaningless – you can achieve all that you set out to do but if it only serves yourself, then a life led in this way lacks meaning and significance.

At CJC, the challenge we extend to you is to find your own mission in life with the belief and conviction that you can and must make a positive change in the world.

Pastoral Care

In ensuring your total well-being and development, pastoral care is central to the ethos and identity of Catholic Junior College. Every CJCian's emotional and academic well-being is of high priority to all teachers.

Our unique Home Tutorial programme helps develop positive teacher-student relationships through the engagement of minds, via thought-provoking and stimulating student development lessons. CJCians stay in their home tutorial classes for their entire tenure at the college with their Home Tutors as mentors and guides.


In developing every CJCian as a Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart, CJC’s Student Development (SD) programme supports the college’s academic programmes to ensure holistic student development. The SD programme uses the social change model as students are brought through a widening spiral of growth which first helps them discover and strengthen their individual strengths, build meaningful relationships with others and eventually be equipped to make a positive change to the community and world around them.

The SD programme aims to build Emotional and Academic Resilience through Positive Education which involves developing a Growth Mindset in students as they learn to develop their unique strengths. A safe and open environment is created for personal sharing and for relationship-building among classmates or even the larger community. Students are nurtured through a culture of critical and reflective thinking to assist them in making sense of their personal experiences in order to understand themselves and guide their future choices.

Ethics and Religion
CJC’s Religious Education Programme (REP) adopts an inclusive approach which takes CJCians on a road of discovery of the self, community and the world – challenging them to not just be of this world, but to believe that they are an integral part of shaping it. Anchored in core values of Truth and Love, the REP contains lessons and retreats containing guided reflection that encourage students to discern their mission in community.

In JC1, the Orientation Retreat allows freshmen to explore their new college environment, begin an important step of discovering themselves and to build bonds with new friends. Legacy is an important part of CJC and alumni and teachers are an integral part of the retreat to orientate the JC1s into our CJ family. The programme ends with the JC2 Retreat to mark the end of the CJ Journey.