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Potential Development

Catholic Junior College offers a structured Potential Development Programme as part of CCE. With the belief that every CJCian has the capacity to learn, to excel, and to leverage on their unique talents to achieve their goals, the Potential Development Programme seeks to guide students in making informed education and career choices, where they can make a positive impact on the wider community as Thinkers with a Mission, Leaders with a Heart.

Education and Career Guidance

The Education and Career Guidance Team provides our students with the required support for them to gain a deeper self-awareness of their unique interests, talents and aspirations, and to explore viable education and career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive information. The team is active in establishing and maintaining viable relationships with CJC’s various partners, such as the local Autonomous Universities (AUs), foreign universities, scholarship boards, and industry professionals. Through our various initiatives, students are inculcated with an appreciation for the value of all education and career pathways, and to reflect on how they themselves can contribute to the well-functioning of society beyond Junior College.

The ECG Journey at CJC

At JC1, students undergo the Clifton Strengthsfinder Workshop, where they are guided to reflect on their unique talent themes. At the class level, Home Tutors facilitate ECG conversations to raise awareness of students’ preferred education and career pathways, and to explore the various academic and co-curricular opportunities that prepare them for their future choices.

At the end of JC1, students may choose to sign up for the Work Attachment and Shadowing Programme (W.A.S.P). Under this programme, students would have opportunities to be mentored by professionals from an industry of choice, and to gain an awareness of these industries through authentic experiential learning. The programme is supported by our alumni and partners in the fields of accountancy, media, research, healthcare, law, social work and counselling, etc.

In JC2, a key feature of the Education and Career Guidance programme is the annual Careers and Higher Education Fest, which sees more than 40 industry professionals and admission counsellors from local and overseas universities sharing their expertise and experience. At the class level, students are guided in specific skills and competencies relevant to education and career guidance, such as in personal statement writing and interview performance.

Collectively, the Education and Career Guidance programme seeks to nurture CJCians to become active, contributing citizens who also find deeper meaning in their future education and career choices.

Talent Development

Our Talent Development Programme aims to inspire high-ability students to be proactive in charting their own paths of excellence. This specially designed programme, spread across the academic and non-academic domains, provides a variety of opportunities for students to enrich their perspectives and fulfil their potential.

True to our vision to prepare the CJCian to be a Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart, our talented students will be challenged to explore beyond the classroom setting, and encouraged to discover their areas of passion. Through building their personal portfolio, they will set their own goals and be inspired to pursue scholarship opportunities.

The programme incorporates independent enquiry and experiential learning to prepare these students for a future of complexity, ambiguity and volatility. Some of the exciting opportunities include special learning journeys to Institutes of Higher Learning, industry visits, structured career-counselling, and invitations to prestigious events organised by the various Ministries. Students in this programme will also have the opportunity to network with distinguished alumni from the public and private sectors, and can look forward to learning from their rich experiences.

As a whole, our Talent Development Programme provides platforms for students to chart their own paths of excellence, and to put their talents to the service of the community.

Useful Links

Education and Career Guidance Counselling

ECG counselling services are available to all students who require personalised guidance in terms of subject selection, university and career pathways, as well as scholarship options.

Students may make an appointment with the college’s ECG Counsellor via the following link: https://go.gov.sg/ecgcjc22

Potential Development Portal

Students may also access the college’s Potential Development Portal, which provides a one-stop resource for information on local and overseas universities, scholarship opportunities, as well as work attachments and internships: https://go.gov.sg/cjc-potentialdevt