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Religious Education Programme (REP)

In developing every CJCian as a Thinker with a Mission, Leader with a Heart, CJC’s Student Development (SD) programme supports the college’s academic programmes to ensure holistic student development. The SD programme uses the social change model as students are brought through a widening spiral of growth which first helps them discover and strengthen their individual strengths, build meaningful relationships with others and eventually be equipped to make a positive change to the community and world around them.

The SD programme aims to build Emotional and Academic Resilience through Positive Education which involves developing a Growth Mindset in students as they learn to develop their unique strengths. A safe and open environment is created for personal sharing and for relationship-building among classmates or even the larger community. Students are nurtured through a culture of critical and reflective thinking to assist them in making sense of their personal experiences in order to understand themselves and guide their future choices.


There is a time for self, a time for friends and a time for God. Spirituality is important to the Catholic ethos and values of our college. We see prayer and reflection, within all faiths, as a way to grow not just as an individual but as a community. We begin every morning with a reflection and a prayer -- reminders to be the best people we can be.

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The CJC Catholic Activities (CA) Wing of the Student Council is the student leadership body that drives Catholic activities in the college. The CA Wing creates opportunities for students in CJC to explore or deepen their faith during their journey in CJC through exciting projects such as Lenten and Easter projects, weekly Masses and other faith formation initiatives. It has an active presence on Instagram, and you can follow their updates on @cj.veritas.  Besides the CA Wing, students can also join the Genesis CCA and be involved in its faith formation and music ministry. Students in Genesis contribute their musical talents to support our Masses and other school-wide Catholic activities, and build a community that enables students to live out their faith and journey together in meaningful ways through participation in praise and worship sessions and enriching outreach activities.

CJC welcomes Father Justin Yip to our CJ family

Father Justin Yip has been appointed Chaplain of CJC in 2021. Fr Justin was ordained in 2020 and serves as the Assistant Parish Priest at the Parish of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As the Chaplain of CJC, Fr Justin will preside over prayer services at our official college ceremonies, celebrate weekday masses, and work closely with student and teachers in the college to develop our religious education programme.

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House of Prayer

Throughout the year, important days in the Catholic Calendar are observed and the special masses are commemorated in the college as well. Weekday masses are celebrated by our college chaplain, Father Justin Yip, Tuesday (8 a.m.) and Friday (1.15 p.m.) in our House of Prayer

Our House of Prayer is open to all looking for a place of solace and prayer.

Religious Education Programme

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CJC’s Religious Education Programme (REP) adopts an inclusive approach which takes CJCians on a road of discovery of the self, community and the world – challenging them to not just be of this world, but to believe that they are an integral part of shaping it. The REP contains lessons and retreats containing guided reflection that encourage students to discern their mission in community.

Our REP begins in JC1 with the Orientation Retreat where freshmen get to explore their new college environment begin an important step of discovering themselves and to build bonds with new friends. Legacy is an important part of CJC and alumni and teachers are an integral part of the retreat to orientate the JC1s into our CJC family.

Our REP challenges students to grow as individuals in service of others. We explore themes like friendship, family and the needy and world issues like poverty and human rights. By fostering both mind and spirit, we aim to help every CJCian discover their mission and the change they wish to be for the world.


The REP culminates with the JC2 Retreat at the end of JC2. This retreat is a significant milestone in the lives of students in the REP as it marks the end of their time here at CJC, and provides a space for them to reflect and recollect memories and times spent in the college. Looking forward, it challenges them to live the college’s values of Truth and Love when they move out into the real world.

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