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Life as a student in CJC is a time to live, to grow and to remember. We hope to be your second family: meet your best friends for life, find your passion in a CCA and become a fuller person on your journey to higher education.

The CJC family spirit is clear from the moment you step into the college. Our Orientation programme will make you feel every bit a part of a vibrant student culture. From Rockafella to Alfresco, activities organised by students for students make school cool. You will never be far from what you love, with 40 co-curricular activities and our year-round house competitions. Discover new interests, challenge your limits and give back to the community.


Serving the community is part of our lifeblood. Through our fundraising and service learning projects, you will have unique opportunities to work with a wide range of beneficiaries, non-profit organisations and overseas communities. A life well-lived is one lived for others.

As a Catholic institution, we see the spiritual life as a way for you to make meaning on your journey. Daily reflections, our religion programmes and services remind us about what we have and who we can become. A balance of quiet moments and exciting times, your life in CJC stays with you forever.
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