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Home Tutorial

They say JC life is the hardest and busiest of times. We believe that in the right environment, you will find the right balance. We believe that companions on your road to graduation are important; they will help you live, learn and bloom. That is why you will begin and end your CJC journey with a tight-knit community of friends and your home tutor as mentor.

The Home Tutorial System

The Home Tutorial group is a distinctive feature of Catholic Junior College. We see it as the main structural unit within which we work towards our values of truth and love ('In Veritate et Caritate'). In CJC, we strive to build a HT group that reflects a caring community in which students feel happy and secure, to share their experiences, joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations.

Through the Home Tutorial System, we hope to:

  • Develop the student intellectually, emotionally, socially and in building character
  • Develop leadership skills in the student
  • Inculcate a sense of belonging - class identity and spirit
  • Build college spirit and loyalty

Home Tutors play an important role in shaping the experience of our students. Home Tutors work towards nurturing students to be the best they can be academically and in character. They act as mentor, role model, advisor, disciplinarian, facilitator, administrator and motivator. In addition, every Home Tutor is supported by a Cluster Head and a Year Head who will also oversee the academic performance and overall well-being of the students.

Through the Home Room System, students are given responsibility and ownership of tutorial classrooms. These home rooms are used for tutorial time and during non-curriculum time, they can be used by students for self-study. When the weather becomes warm in the afternoon, the air-conditioning in a block of classrooms is turned on to keep the study environment conducive for learning.

Each class is served by a Class Management Committee, which provides leadership opportunities for students, builds a greater sense of community, taps on the talents of our students and allows them to initiate their own activities and projects. Each Class Management Committee is led by a Home Tutorial Councillor (HTC), an Assistant HTC, a Pastoral Care Councillor and a Secretary-cum-Treasurer and supported by Sports Leaders, Subject Representatives, an ICT Representative and a Service Learning Project committee, including a Reflections IC.

Each year, we celebrate the efforts made at class level towards developing the traits of a CJCian who thinks critically with a clear sense of purpose and leads with a heart for the welfare of others. The Outstanding Home Class and Outstanding Class Contribution Awards recognise classes that have demonstrated leadership skills, good academic progress, contributions, participation and physical well-being.