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Unite to Ignite

The House system is a historic feature in Catholic Junior College, with the houses initially named after the saints Patrick, Joseph, Michael, Albert, John and Gregory.

These six houses would be a symbol of the college's treasured legacy, giving students a balanced life in the college, a sense of belonging and camaraderie in competition. The Houses participate in a wide range of activities and competitions, both physical and non-physical:

  • College Cross Country
  • College Sports Carnival
  • Inter-House NAPFA Competition
  • Post-Exam Inter-House Games
  • Subject-based competitions
  • Talent competitions (e.g. Sing-off, Dance-off)
  • Academic achievements
  • Behaviour and discipline

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Four Houses, One CJC

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Reintroduced in 2012, the House system would maintain four existing names, taking on the colours of the college: Albert (Yellow), Michael (Orange), Patrick (Red) and Joseph (Green). These names were chosen because they reflect our treasured legacy, taking on the names of our founders and principals. Each House is headed by a PE teacher as House Master / Mistress and led by a committee of JC2 students: a House Captain, Vice-House Captain, a House Secretary, a House Games Representative, House JC1 Level Representatives and various Sports Leaders.

Our four houses are proud to have the leadership and service of the following House Captains and Vice-House Captains for their respective years:

2019Ethan Chuah E-Wai
How Troy
Mohamed Muzammir B Mohamed Murad
Tricia See Jia Tung

Seow Rui Xuan
Cherry Ling Zhiyi

Megan Lim Li Yi
Jenifer Vania Bachtiar
Beckham Wee Yu Zheng
Benjamin Wei-Guang Hecker

Jeremiah Tay Zhi Wen
Nicholas Bryan Chia

Ryan Lee
Amanda Lim
Lettitia Jules Quek
Sim Tzi Hean
Lum Yi Cheng Jerome Matthaeus
Dylan Tan Jiaming

 Sean Rene Gabriel
Dillon Lee Qi Shen

 Tan Wee Yi
Jerica Pang
Bryan Wong Zheng Kong
Sim Tze Hean
 2016Kayler Chong
Choong Ding Yang Nicholas

Josiah Tan Jia Ern
Cristal Wang Qing

Jeremy Soh Tsung Wei
Rachel Lam Yu Wing

Kor Ming Soon
Hong Shi Qi, Stephanie