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The CJC Story

Dillen Singh Selvam


Dillen Singh 2019.jpg

Dillen was the Arts valedictorian of the Class of 2018. A role model to his peers in his leadership, academic and personal qualities, Dillen was a permanent fixture on the Principal’s Honour Roll and was awarded a CDC-CCC Education Merit Award in 2017 and an Academic Achievement Award in 2018. Inquisitive and uncompromisingly vocal in class, he displayed qualities of intellectual flexibility and critical thinking skills during class discussions. His genuine love for learning and clarity of purpose made him a joy to teach. Besides his academic qualities, he demonstrated empathy and compassion through his participation in the Overseas Service Learning Project in Thailand in 2017. Together with his teammates, Dillen embarked on a journey to create positive change in the lives of the less fortunate children in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Dillen was also an active member of the Drama Society, representing the College at the Singapore Youth Festival 2018, where the team was awarded the Certificate of Distinction. His dramatic talents were also expressed through his passionate performance in one of the lead roles at Literary Evening 2018. Dillen displayed excellent leadership capabilities as the Home Tutorial Councillor of his class. With enviable qualities of self-awareness, humility and empathy, Dillen is an inspiration to many of his peers.

Kiven Singh S/O Rajesh Singh


Kiven Singh 2019.jpgKiven embodies the spirit of a true servant leader. Being the constant motivator and source of inspiration for both his peers and tutors, he made an indelible difference to the College while serving as President of the 43rd Student Council. He displayed a clear sense of purpose in his role and composure that was unfazed by impending difficulties and challenges. In class, Kiven would go the extra mile to understand the concepts that were presented in class. Kiven also strove towards intellectual development and enjoyed engaging with abstract ideas. Furthermore, his focus on improving the environment around him and the relationships between different groups of people, by uniting them through a common purpose propelled him to engage the student body to craft the College Theme for 2018. Together with other student leaders, Kiven sought to understand both the needs of the bigger student body and the School Leaders to make concrete plans to improve the overall college experience, uniting the entire college body in the process. His experience leading the cohort helped him develop as a mentor to the Student Council, which helped them to grow through their journey as student councillors. His heart for service and social justice was also seen when he became one of the most valuable members of his class’ Local Service Learning Project (LSLP) team. He readily extends his understanding of service to the less privileged in society, and is moved by what he hears and sees, eager to translate that into socially responsible action. Kiven’s humility and earnest nature, together with his ability to lead effectively, is what endears him to his peers and in effect, everybody around him His outgoing nature is attenuated by his true strength which lies in connecting with others at their level, understanding the world from their eyes, especially their hopes and their fears.

Tan Ning, Tiffany


Tiffany’s focus and determination, coupled with her Tiffany Tan 2019.jpg
positive attitude and growth mindset are some of her assets. She approached challenges with tenacity and resilience. A recipient of the English Language Elective Scholarship (ELES), Tiffany was offered a work attachment opportunity with the Asian Film Archive (AFA) where she explored her interest in graphic design and advertising. Besides her academic pursuits, Tiffany developed sound leadership skills during her time in college. With her strong interpersonal skills, she was elected to the 43rd Student Council. Tiffany’s strong faith and commitment to service saw her take on the position of Head of the Catholic Activities Wing, where she led her fellow councillors in organizing various events to promote faith formation within the College. She was also involved in planning and executing several major school events including Teachers’ Day, Open House 2018, Rockafella, and Graduation Night. Tiffany’s leadership skills were further honed during an overseas Service Learning Project to Vietnam where she helped to create lessons to teach the local children soft skills. She also volunteered to be the trip’s photographer as she was eager to put her creativity to good use. Ever helpful and optimistic, Tiffany always went the extra mile to help her classmates in their work.

Joanne Chandini Joseph


Joanne Chandini 2019.jpg
Joanne demonstrated commendable servant leadership qualities during her time in CJC. She was the President of the Interact Club, where she led her peers in the planning and execution of service-oriented activities for different beneficiaries. Joanne was always willing to do more than her fair share of work. Her confidence and good interpersonal skills were evident in the successful Interact Club events held under her leadership. Joanne shared that the experience has helped developed her as a nurturing leader, as she learnt to juggle between setting a clear direction for her peers and allowing them to grow through mistakes and setbacks. Her compassion towards others and sense of community involvement was seen in her contributions to Local and Overseas Service Learning Projects (OSLP). She was in the planning committee for various local projects, such as service in Assisi Hospice and the Autism Awareness Project. In 2017, she signed up for OSLP Interact, where she volunteered her services at a local school in Vietnam. These experiences strengthened her mental and physical endurance and allowed Joanne to make a difference in the lives of others. Joanne is a very determined person, with a persevering spirit. Her creativity was also put to good use, particularly in Project Work, where she crafted innovative solutions to existing waste recycling issues with her group mates. She was supportive of and helpful to her peers and teachers. Joanne is well-respected by her peers for her caring, mature, jovial and responsible disposition. 

Ryan Lee Shi Hern


Ryan Lee 2019.jpgDuring his time in CJC, Ryan Lee Shi Hern excelled in both academic and Co-Curricular Activities. He was Captain of the ASEAN School Games Men's Gymnastics Team, leading his team to a Bronze medal in 2016 and making history in 2017, when his team achieved the best performance ever at the Games, with a total of eight individual medals and a team medal. In school, he applied himself diligently to his studies and was also elected Sports Leader and Patrick House Captain. As House Captain, he worked collaboratively to plan and execute school activities such as the Post-Promotional Examination Games in 2017 and the Sports and Aesthetics Carnival in 2018. To further his leadership development, Ryan participated in an Overseas Service Learning Project in Mai Chau in the Northwest region of Vietnam, and was also involved in his class's Local Service Learning Project, the Meals-on-Wheels Programme organised by Touch Community Services. Leadership roles and achievements aside, Ryan is a modest young man who is eager to effect positive change in his community. He dreams of contributing to the academic world through research and development in the area of Chemistry.

Brina Li Yuan Yee

TOP ARTS AWARD (Ms Narindar K. Dhillon Award for Top Humanities) 2018

Brina Li 2019.jpgAn adaptable and focused individual, Brina has demonstrated the ability to step out of her comfort zone in order to achieve her objectives. An independent learner who set clear academic targets for herself, Brina pursued Literature in English at the H3 level. The nature of the independent study required by her H3 subject developed her skill of quality research and academic writing, and broadened her understanding of the pursuit of literary studies. In addition, Brina was awarded the English Language Elective Scholarship. For this scholarship, she interned at Sproud, a video making company for three weeks. Her enthusiasm for learning led to her involvement in several academic enrichment programmes such as the Straits Time Forum in 2017, World Agricultural Forum in 2017 and Creative Arts Programme (CAP), under the poetry category. Always looking for new challenges to broaden her skillsets, she participated in the College's Literary Evening in 2018 where she took on the role as script writer, producer and talk show panelist. Brina balanced her academic life with a healthy involvement in Volleyball as her Co-Curricular Activitiy (CCA) in CJC, as well as contributing as an Orientation Group Leader (OGL) in Orientation 2018 and in the Overseas Service Learning Project (OSLP) to Vietnam in 2017. Brina displayed adaptability and maturity in these endeavours. Her easy-going nature coupled with good interpersonal skills allow her to work with others to get things done with minimal conflicts along the way.

Vivian Tan Xin Ying


Vivian Tan 2019.jpgVivian is a bright and inquisitive learner who has shown great capacity for critical thought, often looking beyond the boundaries of the syllabus in order to stretch her analytical skills and participating in enrichment programmes like the Singapore Chemistry Olympiad 2017 and the STEP NUS Brain Camp 2018. Her intellectual curiosity and ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and complicated technical terms have allowed her to master her subjects easily. Resourceful and solution-oriented, Vivian is also generous with her knowledge, sharing what she knows and has so that her peers may benefit. She often seeks to understand the perspectives of others, an approach that stems from her sensitivity to others’ emotions and driven by a desire to cultivate a more thoughtful and compassionate worldview. Vivian is also highly responsive in unexpected situations, flexible and able to adapt quickly to any kind of environment. For her diligence and commitment to her studies, and commendable progress in her subjects, Vivian was conferred a host of academic awards such as the Edusave Good Progress Award in 2017 as well as several college academic achievement awards throughout both years. As Vice-President of Guitar Ensemble, Vivian showed resilience and initiative, and remain level-headed in the face of challenge and opportunity. She took up opportunities, such as attending the Sunburst Leadership Camp 2017, to develop her engagement and communication skills in order to become a better leader for her Ensemble. Vivian also actively participated in a class-initiated local service learning collaboration with the Housing Development Board (HDB) which aimed to promote inclusiveness and good neighbourliness within the community. She strives to consciously adopt a growth mindset by taking on challenges that help push her past her current capabilities in order to become a better individual.

Aakash Dubey

Aakash Dubey receiving award for website.jpg
Aakash Dubey (2T34, Class of 2019) was awarded the A*STAR Science Award for two years running, first in our college to do so. As part of the Award, Aakash was attached with the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, a prestigious A*STAR Research Institute. Aakash is also a CJC Archbishop Scholar and part of the CJC Ignite Programme.