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The CJC Story

Nicholas Choong Ding Yang



Nicholas Choong Ding Yang scored distinctions for H2 Economics, H2 Literature, H2 Knowledge & Inquiry, H1 Project Work, and a Distinction in H3 Literature. Nicolas was an independent and motivated learner who maintained high standards in all his work. He displayed alacrity during classroom discussions, confidently lending interesting perspectives on socio-economic and philosophical issues. It is for his astuteness and strong flair for English Literature that motivated him to read English Literature at the H3 level for which he completed a research paper independently.

He was awarded the Flame Scholarship in recognition of his outstanding performance both in his Co-curricular activities as well as in his academic work. He clinched the Bronze medal at the National ‘A’ Division competitions in Fencing, and was also a recipient of the Eagles Award and Sports Colours Award. His stellar leadership abilities are evident in his role as a National Fencer, Sports Leader and the Vice-Captain of Albert House. For his articulate and confident disposition, he was also selected to be the main emcee at the Inter-School Golf Championships in 2016 and at the opening ceremony of the Inter-School Games in 2016. Throughout his tenure as Sports Leader and Vice-Captain of Albert House, he took a keen interest in developing his juniors and in imparting valuable leadership lessons to them as an outgoing House Leader. He also showed interest in giving back to the wider community by being an active contributor in the execution of the Service Learning Project undertaken by his class to create a meaningful learning experience for less fortunate students at Boys’ Town.

Nicholas will be embarking on a Liberal Arts course at Yale-NUS and has received an Undergraduate Scholarship from the college.

Kor Ming Soon


Kor Ming Soon.jpg

Kor Ming Soon was a recipient of the Leadership and Service Award from Outward Bound Singapore alongside the Edusave Character Award and Edusave Merit Bursary Award. The prestigious Leadership and Service Award  from Outward Bound Singapore recognises student leaders for their outstanding contribution in serving the community. In his time in CJC, Ming Soon led and participated in numerous Service Learning projects, including initiating the ‘Miles for Good’ service learning project in aid of chronically ill children from Club Rainbow, where his team worked tirelessly for several months and went on to raise almost $10,000 in the process. He also actively participated in another service learning project by showing care towards migrant workers in Singapore in conjunction with the Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrant and Itinerant Workers (ACMI). 

Ming Soon is highly motivated and enjoys taking on challenges and chose to widen  his horizon by participating in an Outward Bound School programme in Taiwan where he took on demanding physical and mental challenges without question. His natural flair for leadership saw him take up multiple leadership portfolios in his time in CJC. As a determined and enthusiastic member of the College Canoeing Team, he represented the college in the National ‘A’ Division championships as well as other competitions. Ming Soon was elected as House Captain of Joseph House. He led the house to plan many college events, including the annual Sports and Aesthetics Carnival and Cross Country. It was in such times that his genuine leadership skills were demonstrated. Ming Soon was never far away from leadership initiatives and acted as an Orientation Group Leader (OGL) as well as being a lead facilitator at the 2016 Leadership Training Camp. He also held the rank of Cadet 2nd Lieutenant in the National Cadet Corps. Ming Soon lives by a simple but very effective philosophy which is to make the utmost of every opportunity that presents itself no matter what the challenge. 

Bernice Lee Mei Hui


Bernice Lee.jpg
Bernice Lee Mei Hui was a Student Councillor in the college and she served as the Vice-President of the Catholic Activities wing. Bernice served her role as the leader of the Catholic Activities wing with great passion and leadership. Her determination and dedication is evinced in her involvement with weekly morning masses as well as major masses such as Ash Wednesday mass and National Day mass. She led the Catholic Activities wing to plan and execute various projects, notably a play on the Passion of Christ. Through her stint in the Student Council, Bernice has grown from strength to strength, and consistently displayed resilience and determination in all that she had undertaken.

Bernice’s active involvement in the community also stretched beyond the college grounds in which she participated in a class-initiated Local Service Learning Project that involved bringing children from disadvantaged families to the Singapore Zoo. She also participated in an overseas Outward Bound camp in Taiwan, an 8-day expedition including mountain climbing and river tracing. As part of the expedition, Bernice visited a special needs school in Taiwan which housed patients with mild autism and Down syndrome, interacting and organising activities for them. She also took to the streets in Taiwan to ask for donations and raised funds for the school. Bernice’s belief in beyond the classroom learning is evinced in her participation in the Healthcare Attachment Programme at the Ministry of Health Holdings where she was attached to the respiratory department at the Singapore General Hospital. Through these eye-opening service learning activities as well as attachment opportunities, Bernice was able to gain more insights, show empathy for the less privileged and she even pledged her support to continually give back to society.

Bernice is currently pursuing a degree in Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Shaun Lee Jia Han


Shaun Lee (to be cropped).JPG
Shaun Lee Jia Han was a recipient of the Leadership and Service Award from Outward Bound Singapore. The prestigious Leadership and Service Award from Outward Bound Singapore recognises student leaders for their outstanding contribution in serving the community. As President of CJC’s Interact (Service Learning) Club, Shaun led and participated in numerous service learning projects. His compassion towards others has been seen in his participation in community service projects over the past two years, such as the Housing Development Board (HDB) Heartland Ambassador. In this programme, he planned and organised community engagement and outreach activities for community cohesiveness. He also attended the Ignite Residential Programme at National University of Singapore UTown for one week. The one week stay at UTown involved coming up with proposals that addresses the concerns of the community that he worked with in the Heartland Ambassador Programme.

Shaun actively advocates community causes through various fund-raising initiatives and projects to serve the needs of the community. He has exhibited discipline, determination, focus and team spirit in leading the Interact Club. He was nominated to represent the college in the National Junior College Leadership Symposium 2015, where he taught English to students of Salabath Primary School and trained students at the Paul Tep Im Centre in interview skills. He was a key student leader in the Overseas Service Learning Project to Battambung, Cambodia, where he learned of current challenges to society and collaborated with his team to implement innovative ideas in fieldwork to address these challenges. 

James Chua Zhi Loon


CJC Result Release 2017_77.jpg
James Chua Zhi Loon scored distinctions for H2 Economics, H2 Physics, H2 Mathematics and H1 Chemistry.James was consistently placed among the top 10% of his cohort in all major school examinations. A member of the Mathematics Society, James took charge of both the publicity and logistical aspects of the Amathzing Race for secondary school student participants as part of the Organising Committee for the Math and Sciensational Week in both 2015 and 2016. James’ avid interest in computational and technical skills also led him to take up a one-month course, entitled “Let’s Code”, on the Ruby Programming language at the Singapore Management University. James truly inspires with his voracity for learning and sincere dedication to excellence.

The same passion to challenge himself has led James to further participate in several well-acclaimed competitions beyond the Junior College’s curriculum, such as the Singapore Physics Olympiad, in which he was exposed to integrated problems requiring the application of multiple concepts across both Physics and Mathematics. James also took part in the American Mathematics Competition, the Australian Mathematics Competition for which he attained a Distinction, and the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, where the exposure to Mathematics at more rigorous levels has inspired in him an even greater curiosity in higher Mathematics.

Claudia Lee Jia Min

TOP ARTS AWARD (Ms Narindar K. Dhillon Award for Top Humanities) 2017

Claudia Lee.JPG

Claudia Lee Jia Min scored distinctions for H2 Economics, H2 History, H2 Mathematics, H2 Literature, H1 Chinese Language, and H1 Project Work. Claudia has a keen interest in law and debate. She strove to extend her knowledge beyond the classroom and consistently voiced her opinions and presented effective arguments which won the respect of her peers. As Vice-President of the college entrepreneurial Nexus Society, 

Claudia was responsible for the initiation and planning of projects, as well as in developing opportunities for other CCA members to take on leadership roles. Her strong sense of fairness and care for those under her charge led Claudia to engage in dialogues with her CCA teachers and the college administration to improve the processes in running Nexus Society.Claudia is also open to new opportunities to learn more about the world. It is with this curious disposition that she participated in the Literature and Linguistics Module in the Engaging Students Partnering Education (ESPE) 2016 conference, organised by the National University of Singapore. Claudia also achieved third placing overall in the ‘SG50 Entrepreneurs Trail’ organised by the National Institute of Education, Singapore.

Claudia is currently pursuing a Law degree at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Shahmee Ruzain

5-time Gold Medallist, National Schools Track & Field Championships 2017


S Shahmee Ruzain continues to set the CJC record for achieving five gold medals for sprint events in two consecutive years at the National Interschool Track & Field Competition (‘A’ Division). 

In 2015, he made history by clinching the top spot for the 100m and 200m sprint events at the ‘A’ Division Games and in 2016 he successfully defended the gold medal in both events. In 2016, he was also part of the 4x100m relay team that came in first place for the relay event. This was achieved despite suffering from injuries, and was well-deserving of the coverage he received in the national news. 

Despite having no prior formal track training before enrolling in CJC, he was elected as Vice-Captain of the Track & Field Team, serving as a role model of dedication and resilience for his team mates.

Ryan Lee

TeamSG Artistic Gymnast, Patrick House Captain

Ryan Lee.JPG

Training 6 times a week, Ryan Lee’s journey in athletics has been one that most people would marvel at. His commitment paid off as he clinched three Gold medals for the Men’s Parallel bars, High bar and Rings category at the 2017 ‘A’ Divisions Games.

Ryan was part of the gymnastic quintet who made history for Singapore at the Asean School Games 2017 by clinching Singapore’s first-ever gold in a boys’ gymnastics team competition. Ryan also represented the nation at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur. Through it all, Ryan never forgot his first gymnastic coach who taught him the ropes and made him the athlete he is today.

Leow Hui An, Christabeth

Leow Hui An, Christabeth (1T29) was awarded the 2017 A*STAR Science Award. As part of the Award, Christabeth was given the opportunity to be part of a research attachment at an A*STAR Research Institute. Christabeth is also a CJC Archbishop Scholar and part of the CJC Ignite Programme.

Aaron Marc Chong

Aaron Marc Chong (2T04, Class of 2015) was awarded the SAF Merit Scholarship in 2017.  He signed on with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) as an Armour Officer as he has a passion for a career in the military and his belief in the importance of the a strong defence force in creating stability. Aaron intends to major in Geography in university. He believes that the holistic development that CJC provided has profoundly impacted his leadership, spiritual and social development. He looks forward to experiencing different cultures and hopes to continue making a positive change in the field of defence and to make the NS experience more enriching. 

Grace Cai Chuanhui

Grace 1.jpgGrace Cai Chuanhui (2T01, Class of 2016) was awarded the MOE Teaching Scholarship (Local) to pursue a course at the National University of Singapore. She will be majoring in Linguistics and plans to minor in English Literature. Her interest in teaching developed during her stint with the MOE Teaching Internship Programme where she was experienced first-hand the demands and rewards of the teaching profession. She believes the scholarship will provide her with valuable opportunities to grow and develop as an educator, further clarifying her mission as an educator to nurture a passion for the English Language in her students.Content