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JAE Parents Engagement Session 2019

Please download the slides used for the Parents Engagement Session held on 1 Feb 2019.
2019 Parent Engagement Session updated 1 Feb.pdf 

JC1 Parent Information Evening

The JC1 Parent Information Evening was held on 28 Feb & 1 March 2018. Thank you all parents who attended one of the sessions. The slides used for the various presentations can be downloaded from the link below:

PIE slides for HTs pdf.pdf

JC2 Parent Information Evening

The JC2 Parent Information Evening was held in the Performing Arts Centre on 17 & 18 January 2018. Thank you all parents who attended one of the sessions. The powepoint slides are available for download from the link below:

CJC__PIE_JC2_JAN_2018 pdf.pdf

Parents' Portal User Guide

The college has an online learning portal Curriculum Online @ CJC (COL@C). It enables the college to provide ICT-based lessons for students to learn anything, anywhere. The COL@C online learning portal allows parents to be informed of school events and we hope to further engage parents through this platform.

A Parents' Portal User Guide is attached here for your reference. Please download for instructions on logging in and accessing the Parents' Portal in COL@C. 

JC1 Parents Portal User Guide (2018) v2.pdf

Haze Management

CJC has put in place a school continuity plan to ensure the well-being of the students during a haze situation. 
Please click on this link for more information.