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Corporate Communications

The vision of the Corporate Communications committee is true to the school's mission, vision and values: Truth and Love, Tell It Well. We hope that our unified approach to the college's communications to all stakeholders, internal and external, will present CJC, the CJC Experience and the students of CJC in the best possible light.


  • Brand Identity Guidelines - PDF 15.5mb
  • Crest - contains Illustrator, PDF and PNG files 6.3mb
  • CJC & Flame contains Illustrator, PDF and PNG files 1.8mb
  • Flame - contains Illustrator, PDF and PNG files 2.5mb
  • Flag - contains Illustrator, PDF and PNG files 1.8mb
  • Presentation Template - contains Powerpoint file 0.9 mb

  • Process

    The following procedure and guidelines apply to collaterals for events, activities and programmes* (see list below) that engage internal and external stakeholders. Items include but are not limited to programme booklets and brochures, posters, banners, competition jerseys, memorabilia and corporate gifts.

    1. Download
    - Download the CJC Brand Identity Guidelines document and required files from the Sharing folder or shared Google Drive folder.
    - Alternatively, refer your vendors, committee or student-designers to the identity guidelines on the college website.

    2. Follow
    - For internal design teams (e.g. CCAs, committees), read the document. Use the right logos and colours. Use them appropriately.
    - Send the Brand Identity Guidelines document and required files to your external vendor. Ensure that they follow the usage guidelines. Ask for a sample, where possible.

    3. Check
    - Consult us (Wendy Wong, I Mei Goh, Pauline Chua) during the design process. For competition jerseys and attire, please consult the HOD/Subject Head for CCA.
    - Send us the final design and / or sample. 
    - Begin production after we give approval (within 3 working days).

    *List of events and activities
    • Ceremonies: Annual Awards, Commencement Ceremony, Student Leaders Installation, Graduation Day
    • Performances: CJC Celebrates, Rockafella (under the banner of CJC Carnival)
    • Conferences and seminars: Career Guidance and Higher Education Festival, ELL Symposium, Youth Ambassadors Symposium, Ministerial Dialogue
    • Collaborations: Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC), Bangalore Immersion Programme, visits by foreign and local schools
    • External: South zone / S5 cluster events, Ministry of Education events (e.g. Work-Plan Seminar Satellite session)

    *The above set of procedures and guidelines for the production of collaterals applies to:
    • Official correspondence to external stakeholders (e.g. letters to parents, emails to external organisations)
    • Programme booklets for ceremonies, performances, academic events, camps, overseas trips*
    • Posters and banners for ceremonies, performances, academic events, camps, overseas trips*
    • Official attire for students (e.g. college blazer, fundraising T-shirt, competition jerseys)
    • Property and services (e.g. signage)

    *These procedures and guidelines do not apply to:
    • General use of CJC Powerpoint template, without alterations to overall design
    • Academic packages meant for internal use only (e.g. revision packages)
    • In-house publicity and material (e.g. Blood Donation Drive, SLP fundraising)