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Instructions for iCON Users

1. Log onto iCON and select ‘Mail’ on the left hand side.

2. Click on the [GEAR] button at the top-right hand corner. Next, click on ‘Settings’. 

3. Scroll down to Signature. Uncheck ‘No signature’ by clicking on the radio button below. 

4. To insert the CJC Crest, click on the [PICTURE] button. Copy and paste the following URL into the field --- cjc.edu.sg/qql/slot/u495/Signature/crest.png

Click 'Select' to use the image. Click on the image that appears, then click ‘Small’. 

5. Leave a one-line break by pressing Enter after the image. Enter your details in the format below. You may wish to copy and paste the ‘template’ below and modify the relevant details. 


Your Full NAME
 | Teacher (Subject)

Catholic Junior College
129 Whitley Road, Singapore 297822
T +65 6252 4083/4 | F +65 6253 7267
E youraddress@moe.edu.sg


(i) In your preferred sequence. Last name in UPPERCASE, if applicable [e.g. Marc LIM, LIM Kenji Marc]. You may include a salutation in brackets after your name [e.g. Amanda ONG (Ms)].

(ii) For appointment holders, you should list only your appointment [e.g. Subject Head (Student Development), Senior Teacher (Geography), Head of Department (Humanities)].

6. Set the text in ‘
Sans Serif’ font, normal size and black as the text colour. Your name and Catholic Junior College should be set in bold.

7. Check ‘Insert this signature before quoted text in replies…’ 

8. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. 

9. If you require clarification or assistance, please feel free to email Lester Low or Aprilene Goh. Thank you.