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Class Management Committee

CMC Members

Duties and Responsibilities

Outstanding Home Class Award* 

Home Tutor (HT)

  To act as facilitator and advisor

●  To guide and develop the CMC

●  To retain final authority on all class matters

●  To provide overall leadership in the management of the class

Monitors all areas

Home Tutorial Councillor (HTC)

  To work very closely with the Home Tutor on all matters

●  To be responsible for monitoring the class progress in Outstanding Home Class Award. This includes

- ensuring effective management of the class

- coming up with initiatives to develop sense of class identity and spirit

- encouraging the class to participate in college based events

● To liaise with school administration on serving the community and other matters arising

● To be responsible for collection and returning of class keys on a daily basis

● Training will be given to the HTC to equip him / her with the specific communication skills [counselling and conflict management] needed in his/her role.

Monitors Class-Based initiatives which help build class spirit and unity

Monitors class involvement in college events

Assistant HTC

●  Citizenship Representative of the class

The role includes
- heading the Class Local SL Project (supported by SLP Committee)
- representing the class as key personnel at the annual dialogue with our ministers or senior civil servants.
- helping out at all Citizenship events; eg.,Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony day and National Day, executing their roles to raise awareness of important socio-political issues in the country and the world.

● To cover the role of HTC in his/her absence.

Monitors progress of LSLP

Pastoral Care Councillor (PCC)

To ensure that the pastoral needs of students are met i.e. seeing to the holistic development of the class in the following ways:

- To suggest, plan and implement activities that ensure that welfare of students,  teachers and non-teaching staff are taken care of

- To  be responsible for making the class ‘invitational’ ( such as making the classroom more conducive to learning, inspirational quotations, class achievements, etc)

- To liaise with the HT, House Exco and CCA Student Leaders in Pastoral Care [discipline dimension] of the members of his class within the House System.

● To set up and manage Source of Strength board (school level)

Secretary cum Treasurer

● To handle all financial matters of the class which includes

- maintaining proper financial records for reporting to the class at the end of the year

- collection of class funds

● To record minutes of class meetings and ensure that proper records are kept

● To assist the Home Tutor and Home Tutorial Councillor in any other class administrative work

 ● To draw up duty roster that involves every student in classroom maintenance and to ensure that the home class is always clean and orderly

 ● To be responsible for collection and returning of class keys in the absence of HTC.

Monitors student leadership (both CCA and non-CCA)

Representatives /



●  to assist in the administrative needs within the subject

●  to plan ,lead and facilitate subject based enrichment programmes and competitions

●  to update and maintain the subject ‘corner’ on the class board or other communications channel.

  to form study groups if needed

●  to communicate and work closely with the subject tutor.

Monitor respective subject based competitions

Sports Leaders

●  Pre-requisite for House Executive Committee.

●  Leading other pupils in sports and recreational activities.

●  Plan and organise a project (Sports Carnival, Cross Country, Inter-class games, etc).

●  Advocates and role models of healthy lifestyle and fitness.

Monitors class efforts to improve NAPHA

ICT Representative

●   Skills in MS Word and Power-point will help, training for college Learning Management System, COL@C, will be provided.

●  To be responsible for equipment used in the classroom

●  Assist the HT and the class in setting up of laptops for lessons and assist the class in col@c related issues

●  Assist in IT related needs eg., in PW [Formation of Google Docs etc]

●  Responsible for the collation and upload of individual Photos for the Class register

●  Responsible for the collation of photos on an event basis as part of an archive Class photo journal.

●  Assist HTC in collating and uploading SLP Project materials / reflections and photo journals

●  Be advocates of Cyberwellness and Digital Citizenship.

SLP Committee

●  Elected committee to assist AHTC in Local SL Project organisation and execution

●  Duration lasts as long as the SLP is running.

Reflections IC (part of SLP Committee)

●  To be trained in leading the class in reflections

●  To collect reflections from the class after SLP and to draft a collation of the major learning points from the experiences of the class.

●  Role lasts as long as the SLP project is running.