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Code of Conduct

Guiding Principle:

As a Thinker with a Mission and Leader with a Heart, the CJC student is responsible in thought and action, displaying values and leadership attributes that guide his or her thought and action. The CJC student strives to be the best that he or she can be and in doing so, brings out the best in others.

We believe that all CJC students have the potential for positive change. The CJC student is committed to doing good and makes amends for inappropriate actions. The CJC student exudes self-discipline, personal and social responsibility in the pursuit of his or her goals. As part of a safe and conducive learning community, he or she respects the college’s rules and regulations, as well as the rights of other individuals.

The CJC student is self-aware, able to manage his or her emotions, and is guided by integrity and ethical values to do what is right.

Discipline is a whole college effort.  Everyone has a part to play.

This Code of Conduct represents the Rules and Regulations of the College, with which all students must comply with.

1. Personal Grooming

1.1  Appearance

1.1.1 Students are required to be neat, clean and well-groomed at all times.

1.1.2 Hair styles must be appropriate.  Unkempt, spiky, outlandish, and dyed hair are not allowed.

  • Female students with shoulder length hair or long hair must have it tied up with only black or dark blue accessories.  Their fringe must be above the eyebrows and neat.
  • Male students’ hair must be short and neat. It must not cover the eyebrows, the ears or touch the collar. Side burns must be above mid-ear.

1.1.3 Only female students are allowed to wear a pair of small, plain ear studs or ear sticks.

1.1.4 Moustaches and beards are not permitted. All male students are expected to be clean-shaven. (Sikh students with turbans are exempted).

1.1.5 The following accessories, when worn with the college uniform, are not allowed: Sunglasses, badges, caps, chokers, beads, copper or identification bracelets (unless for medical reasons), jewellery, long or painted nails, or make-up.  

1.2 Wearing of the school uniform.

The uniform is an expression of the college’s identity. As an ambassador of the college, the CJC student wears his or her uniform with confidence and simplicity. He or she carries proudly the values and ideals of the CJC community.

1.2.1 Uniform: Students’ uniforms must comply with College requirements (see photo).

No modification of the uniform is permitted.  

  • Female students: Skirts must reach the knee.  Skirts must be worn at the waist.
  • Male students: Baggy or tapered pants are not permitted.  Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants can be altered in length but no modification of shape is permitted.
  • Draw strings and pins are not allowed in the blouse/shirt.

1.2.2 Students must tuck in their shirts / blouses at all times.

1.2.3 Footwear: All Types of covered track shoes that are either white, grey, black or dark blue-based (with laces) are allowed with either plain white, grey, black or dark blue-based ankle length socks which must be visible. No embellishment, metallic or neon coloured sports shoes/laces are allowed. Sandals and slippers may only be worn for medical reasons.

1.2.4 College Tie: The tie is worn by all students on Mondays until 1.00 p.m.  The first button of the shirt or blouse must be buttoned when using the tie. The tie should be at the top button, and not hung loose.

1.2.5 Collar pin must be worn on the left lapel at all times.

1.2.6 College Windbreaker:  Only the College windbreaker/Jacket may be worn with the College uniform at any time in Class, Lecture Theater or for sports and games.  Other jackets and sweaters of any variety, colour and from other schools are not permitted to be worn with the uniform.

1.2.7 All students must be in uniform, or college trousers or skirt, and approved college T-shirt, track shoes, or, PE attire during consultation with teachers, self-study at night, holidays and weekends.

1.2.8 The uniform worn correctly.



1.2.9 The College reserves the right to request any student whose uniform deviates from the above specifications to make the required changes either by altering or replacing if necessary.

Note: For infringements of rules on appearance & uniform, students will be required to conform to the requirements before they are allowed to resume lessons. Any accessories that are deemed to be inappropriate will be confiscated.

1.2.10 Students representing college at official functions must comply with College requirements.

  • Female students: Formal CJC blazer, white long sleeve shirt, formal skirts (drawn from college) and black court shoes.
  • Male students: Formal CJC blazer, white long sleeve Shirt, college pants and black court shoes

1.2.11 The uniform may be obtained from the College Bookshop during the term. For commencing students, our tailor will come to the College.

1.2.12 College tailor:

Uniform Supplier: Shanghai School Uniforms Pte Ltd

Address:  63 Ubi Ave 1, #04-09, Singapore 408937

Tel: 6352 2741

Note: Visits to the store are strictly by appointment only.

2. Personal Accountability (Self Leadership)

2.1 Assembly

Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge each morning at assembly.  Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

2.2 Attendance

All students must be punctual for College, classes, CCA and other College activities and events. Latecomers must register their presence.

2.3 Absence

Students are expected to be in attendance for all their commitments on official school days. Requests for absence from class should only be made for the most serious of reasons.

2.3.1 A medical certificate (MC) must be submitted when a student is absent for illness.  The MC is presented to the Home Tutor(s) during assembly before the student resumes classes.  A student who is absent for three days or more because of illness is required to notify the Home Tutor of the extended absence. This may be done through the Admin office.

2.3.2 A letter from parents must be presented to the Home Tutor(s) when a student is absent for urgent personal reasons only, not for illness. Any absence from college due to an illness must be covered with a MC.     

2.3.3 All absentees must present MCs to the Home Tutors (immediately after assembly) upon their return to college before proceeding to lessons.

2.3.4 Any student who is absent from College during official class time, without a parental letter or a MC, may be suspended from College as it is truancy. 

2.3.5 Attendance at detention is compulsory, and takes precedence over all other commitments including CCA practice. Students who are unable to attend detention for whatever reasons must inform the Year Head or Assistant Year Head. Failure to attend detention without a valid reason may lead to a student’s suspension from classes.

2.3.6 Attendance at CCAs is compulsory. Non-attendance must be covered with a MC or a parent’s letter. Regular attendance is needed to have the CCA recognized and reflected in the student’s holistic achievement certificate.

2.3.7 Absence from College, without approval, is considered truancy.  Truancy is viewed as a willful absence from the College and may result in suspension or expulsion.  

2.4 Early Leave

Permission is to be sought from Principal, Vice Principal or Year Head. Once granted, a student has to sign out at the Admin Office, and inform Home Tutors.

2.5 Dismissal

Determined by the individual's class timetable or 1.00 p.m., whichever is later.

2.6 Leave of Absence

A leave of absence must be sought in advance from the Principal or Vice Principal in writing. 

3. Community Living

Students are expected to behave at all times in an orderly, respectful and courteous manner.

3.1.1 Loud, foul or abusive language in College or in class is not acceptable.

3.1.2 Canteen: All food and flavoured drinks are to be consumed within the canteen. Keep the area clean so that others can enjoy their meals in a clean and hygienic environment as well.

3.1.3 Handphones & other recording/personal devices: These devices are prohibited during the following activities as we respect the privacy and personal space of others:

  • Lectures, Tutorials, Practical lessons & in the Learning Resource Centre;
  • CCA sessions;
  • Morning Assembly & College Ceremonies/Events;

These devices should be kept out of sight. Should these personal devices be required for learning purposes or a particular learning activity, permission to use these devices should be sought from the relevant tutors. Failure to adhere to the above may result in these devices being confiscated. 

3.1.4 All facilities in the College are provided for student use.  Students are expected to respect what is provided for them and not abuse or misuse.

3.1.5 Computer & other IT equipments: These are available to aid learning as well as for personal organization and must be appropriately used (Please refer to use of ICT)

3.1.6 Celebration: Only simple birthday celebrations within the canteen are allowed.

3.1.7 All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring in any weapon-like item which can be used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. 

In addition, the following items which constitute a threat to the physical/moral safety of others or a distraction to the academic focus of our community are also prohibited:

  • Cigarettes, e-vaporiser or any other form of tobacco products
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any form of card games or gambling products  

4. Safety

4.1 Emergency: In the event of an emergency, gather at the school field according to Home Tutorial groups.

4.2 Lightning warning: No outdoor activities are allowed when the lightning warning is activated.

4.3 Recreational play: Be appropriately attired before engaging in sports / games and only at approved venues.

4.4 Science Laboratories:  Students must observe the safety regulations at all times. 

5. College Daily Schedule / General Matters

5.1 Please refer to College Daily Schedule.

5.2 Computers have been provided for student use in the Learning Resource Centre and at specific Seminar Rooms. Computers are made available to aid learning and for personal organization. Students must be aware that to misuse a computer is an offence. Therefore they must not:

  • lend their SLS password to students from another College,
  • hack into another’s account, use a computer for an illegal, criminal or commercial purpose,
  • send unsolicited mail, chain letters or spam,
  • create or spread viruses,
  • tamper with the software or hardware of college’s computing devices.

5.3 Student will assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to equipment, apparatus or college property used by them. They must report without fail any loss or damage to items loaned to them. They may be required to make good the damage or loss.

6. Withdrawal from College

Before a student is allowed to withdraw from the College, the Home Tutor concerned must ensure that:-

  • he/she submits a withdrawal letter from his/her parents or legal guardians,
  • he/she has completed the Withdrawal from College Form and that it is submitted to the Office.
  • Foreign students must meet the Administration Manager before they withdraw from College.

7. Important Information

7.1 Formal functions/activities, within/outside the college premises, must not be organized without prior approval of the Principal. An official college activity must have a designated teacher present who is accountable to the Principal. Prior consent from parents may be required.

7.2 Students must seek approval from the Principal before making any official public statements on behalf of the student body to outside agencies

8. Night Study

8.1 All students must be present from beginning to the end in a formal night study session. For safety reasons, students can only study at the library, canteen, Auditorium Ext or areas outside library or staffroom.

8.1.1 Duration of Night Study Sessions

  • Semester 1 - Students have to stay throughout the night study session of either 2.5 or 3 hours i.e. they can only leave at 9.30pm or 10pm. To help maintain an environment conducive for self-study, the library will be strictly reserved for students who stay till 10pm. Students who opt to leave at 9.30pm can study at the canteen, Auditorium Ext or areas outside library or staffroom.  Snack time is between 8.30 – 8.45pm;
  • Semester 2 – Students have to stay throughout the night study session of 3 hours (6.30 - 9.30pm). Snack time is between 8.15 – 8.30pm

8.1.2 Late-Comers: Latecomers will only be allowed to study at the canteen.

8.2 Dress code: Students are permitted to come in half uniform (College Trousers or Skirt), and approved College T-shirt, track shoes, or PE attire.

8.3 Group work, discussion and consultation are only allowed at the canteen and have to be kept to a minimum level of audibility. The library premises, Auditorium Ext and areas outside library or staffroom are strictly for self-study.

8.4 Eating, sleeping or playing are strictly prohibited in the library premises. Water bottles are allowed (only for night study).

During Night Study, no students are allowed to:

  • Remove books or periodicals from the library
  • Use the photocopying machine
  • Use handphone within the library premises.