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All students are responsible in thought and action; have the openness to learn; values to guide thought and action to be the best that one can be and bring out the best in others.
All students have the potential for change and reform. The emphasis is for students to repair the harm caused by their irresponsible behaviour through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders.
This Code of Conduct represents the Rules and Regulations of the College, which all students must comply with.

1. The National Anthem and Pledge

Students who are Singapore students must sing the National Anthem and take the pledge each morning at assembly.  Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

2. Attendance

Students are required to place a priority on their attendance at all those things associated with being a responsible student in the College.  It involves regular attendance for:
  • Assembly and flag raising each morning at 0845 hrs
  • All lectures, tutorials, and PE
  • CCA commitments, as required
  • College functions and as required from time to time

3. Absence

Students are expected to be in attendance for all their commitments on official school days. Requests for absence from class should only be made for the most serious of reasons.
3.1 A medical certificate must be submitted when a student is absent for illness.  The MC is presented to the Student Management Committee after assembly before the student resumes classes.  A student who is absent for three days or more because of illness is required to notify the Home Tutor of the extended absence. This may be done through the Admin office.
3.2 A letter from parents must be presented to the Student Management Committee when a student is absent for urgent personal reasons only, not for illness.
3.3 All absentees must present MCs to the Student Management Committee (immediately after assembly) upon their return to college before proceeding to lessons.
3.4 A student taking early leave from College (for illness, appointment, or other reasons), is required to have the Vice-Principal’s or the Principal’s approval.  The student must also sign out at the Admin office. 
3.5 Any student who is absent from College during official class time, with or without a parental letter, may be suspended from College. Parents are required to seek in writing and in advance the Principal’s approval for a student’s absence for any reason other than illness.
3.6 All students who arrive late for school must report immediately to the school office and sign in before proceeding to class.
3.7 Attendance at detention is compulsory, and takes precedence over all other commitments.  The teacher in charge will decide on the priority.  Failure to attend detention when required may lead to suspension from all classes.
3.8 Attendance at CCAs is compulsory.
3.9 Absence from College, without approval, is considered truancy.  Truancy is viewed as a willful absence from the College and may result in detention and/or suspension. 

4. Appearance

4.1 Students are required to be neat, clean and well groomed at all times.
4.2 Hair styles must be appropriate.  Unkempt, spiky, outlandish, and dyed hair are not allowed.
Female students with shoulder length hair or long hair must have it tied up with only black or dark blue accessories.  Their fringe must be above the eyebrows and neat.
Male students’ hair must be short and neat. It must not cover the eyebrows, the ears or touch the collar. Side burns below mid-ear are not permitted.
4.3 Only female students are allowed to wear a pair of small, plain ear studs or ear sticks.
4.4 Moustaches and beards are not permitted. All male students are expected to be clean-shaven.
4.5 The following accessories, when worn with the college uniform, are not allowed:
Sunglasses, badges, caps, chokers, beads, copper or identification bracelets (unless for medical reasons), jewellery, long or painted nails, or make-up. 

5. Wearing of the School Uniform

The uniform is an important part of being a student in College.  It gives expression to the College identity, creates a sense of belonging and elevates one’s self-esteem.  However, it also imposes certain obligations on the wearer to adopt behaviour consistent with the College ideals.  It expresses simplicity and removes distinctions between students.
5.1 Uniform: Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform (see photo) and modification to the uniform is not allowed. 
Female students: Skirts must reach the knee.  Skirts must be worn at the waist.
Male students: Baggy or tapered pants are not permitted.  Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants can be altered in length but no modification of shape is permitted.
Draw strings and pins are not allowed in the blouse/shirt.
5.2 Students must tuck in their shirts / blouses at all times.
5.3 Footwear:  All types of covered track shoes that are either white, grey, black or dark blue-based with laces. No embellishments, metallic or neon coloured sports shoes/laces are allowed.
5.4 College Tie: The tie is worn by all students on Mondays until 1300hrs.  The first button of the shirt or blouse must be buttoned when using the tie. The tie should be at the top button, and not hung loose.
5.5 Collar pin must be worn on the left lapel at all times.
5.6 College Windbreaker:  The College windbreaker may be worn with the College uniform at any time, in class or for sports and games.  Other jackets and sweaters of any variety and colour are not permitted to be worn with the uniform.
5.7 All students must be in uniform, or college trousers or skirt, and approved college
T-shirt, track shoes, or, PE attire during consultation with teachers, self-study at night, holidays and weekends. 

5.8 The uniform worn correctly.