News Highlights

CJC Commemorates Lent as a Community

CJC commemorated the Season of Lent in a variety of ways this year through the Lentern Project, spearheaded by the Catholic Activities (CA) Wing of the 43rd Student Council. The theme of this year's Lentern Project was 'Come as you are'.

CJC Launches House Patrons and House Shields at Commencement Ceremony 2018

On 27 Feburary, CJC formally welcomed the JC1s into our College Community and officially launched the House Patrons and House Shields at Commencement Ceremony 2018.

CJC Celebrates the Class of 2017

The class of 2017 has done the college proud in achieving commendable results in their performance at the GCE 'A' Level Examinations.

CJC Delegation brings home 7 wins at the Harvard Model Congress Asia 2018

On 4-8 January 2018, members of the Political Science Society and CJCians embarked on a journey to Hong Kong to participate in the prestigious Harvard Model Congress Asia 2018.

Open House: Ignite, Illuminate, Inspire!

Excitement filled the air on 13 Jan 2018 when CJC opened its doors to prospective students and parents to learn about the CJ Experience.

JAE Appeal 2018

Please click on this link to access the JAE Appeal page for 2018.

Joint Admission Exercise 2018

Congratulations to all JC1 students posted to Catholic Junior College. For more information and instructions on the Orientation programme, please click on this link.

2017 Direct School Admission for JC1 2018 Intake

CJC invites applications for direct admission to JC1 in 2018 from students who are academically able and who are outstanding in at least one area of CCA.

Work Attachment Opportunities

CJC is looking for year-end work attachment opportunities for our first year students especially in the business, healthcare and arts sector.

'A' Level Certificates & SGCs

For the class of 2016: the aforementioned items are available for collection from the general office. Bring along your NRIC for verification during collection.